So this is my blog. I think. Maybe.

I signed up for all of this back in February, when the job I had got a little funky and I got afraid. I thought maybe I’d start a blog and post some stuff and turn into the Pioneer Woman. I mean I didn’t have a plan of any kind, but I’ve never let that keep me from doing stuff. So I got the domain name and the WordPress thing and I kind of set it up but it was really frustrating and I had no idea what I was doing and within days the old boss and I mended fences (sort of) and the blog just sat here…and sat here…and sat here.

Then things got really interesting and one day I’m going to tell that whole train wreck of a story as soon as I have enough distance to tell it without any bitterness because it’s funny or it’s going to be once it heals over. I’m close but not quite there yet.

So I had this blog carcass and a makeup business that was on life-support because in my quest to not be a pushy or spammy or salesy, I sort of became my only regular customer which many titans of industry will tell you isn’t your best business model. I really love Younique though. I love the company, and the makeup, and the foundation and all the friends I’ve made while learning how to be a presenter and I’m not giving up on this by a long shot. I just haven’t quite hit my groove with the selling and team building thing just yet…but I’m gonna. I’m having an Eyes & Pies Party in September, that I think it going to be super fun and might spark some new interest. Fingers crossed!

Then I started making and selling pies and damn, I really like making pies. They’re good too. Like really good. Like seriously good ass pies made from scratch with real butter and eggs and whipping cream and chocolate chips…and if you think those sound good, don’t get me started on my pot pies because those babies will give you the munchies and they don’t even have any real pot in them! Suuuuuper good. But here’s the thing, I started making pies in June and it takes time to build a following and it takes time to build momentum, and it takes time to get the word out on the street and while I believe in my heart of hearts that these freakin’ pies are part of God’s plan for me, I need to stay afloat financially soooo…

Now I’m working on an Etsy shop which is a whole new frontier. First I bought an ebook and then I bought a machine, and then I had to learn how to use the machine, and then I needed find graphics, and fonts, and designs. Eventually these will turn in to custom stickers for planners–I think. I mean I think the stickers are a viable idea but I’m just guessing so who the heck knows? What I do know is that I get to create products and then I get to figure out how to post and sell the products while I’m selling makeup and making pies, and traveling on the weekends, and spending time with friends and family…and honestly, I have no idea how this is going to work, but I do know that I want it to work and it won’t fail because I didn’t try.

So I guess I’m saying that I’m a little all over the place right now and when I’m not terrified that I am screwing all of this up, when I’m just busy trying to create, my heart is really happy and I think that’s important. Right now I’m working for myself and I’m trying to learn how to trust my boss. It’s a very strange and wonderful place to be and I hope I get to stay here for a while…

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