5 Things That Turn Social Media into Antisocial Media

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I spend a LOT of time on Facebook. Probably more than I should. I have justifications about that, some of which hold water pretty well and some that don’t stand up to scrutiny but most of the time I really like being there. I’m20151031_161846 the weirdo who wants to see what you’re fixing for dinner.  I want to see your kid’s first day of school pictures. I want to watch funny animal videos and find out which font captures my personality (which by the way was a real thing and the answer was completely wrong). What I don’t want so is wade through a flood of judgement and negativity not because I’m such a snowflake that I can’t handle it, but because I don’t choose to. It’s “social” media and if you consistently engage in anti-social behavior, I’ve got no qualms about booting you right off my newsfeed. So here are my top 5 party fouls on social media:

1. Clogging up the newsfeed with only one topic. I’m not inviting you to lunch if you’re still talking about your ex-boyfriend, husband, boss, or best friend from six years ago and I don’t want you in my newsfeed if you post 5000 things on only one topic especially if that one topic is how much you hate _____________________.  I make one exception for brand-new direct marketers as a form a penance for my first six months with Younique. It’s part of the learning curve…but don’t push it by dumping me in your group or party without inviting me first.

2. Clogging up the newsfeed with propaganda. You’ve got strong political views, no problemo. You post a bunch of crap from disreputable sites and then want to argue with anyone who points out that your “facts” aren’t really “facts”–adios! I think that responsible posting requires some occasional fact checking and if you don’t, I will.

3. Bullying. One of the best decisions I ever made was that if anyone on my newsfeed engaged in name calling, they were banished from my little corner of the interwebs. There are effective ways to communicate your ideas and opinions but if you reduce yourself to “asshat” and “douchenozzle” I’m going put you in time out. (Even if I agree with you.)

4. Inappropriate content. This one doesn’t come up too often but occasionally I have to unfriend someone because they can’t quite figure out where my comfort level is with what belongs on my wall. For example, I posted about my mom’s birthday and a woman I really don’t know posted a meme of a drunk lady falling out of car. My mom is a retired teacher who goes to church every Sunday. I still can’t fathom why she would think that meme was appropriate. This acquaintance regularly shared posts that were PG-13 or worse and I prefer that my wall be a G-rated place as I have many friends from all areas of my life. If we had been close, I probably would have sent her a message about it, but since we weren’t buh-bye.

5. Using FB as your personal barf bag. There are some topics that need to be shared with close friends or a therapist not 500 random people on Facebook. I LOVE when people get real and are authentic about feelings but calling out your ex or trash talking your former employer is childish. We all walk a tightrope on how much to share and I too have been tempted to call someone out or leave a cryptic status so people will ask what’s wrong but I’m 50 years old and even though I don’t always feel like it, I try very hard to act like it.


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