Seven years ago I had a dream that I opened a pie shoppe called, The Queen of Hearts Pies & Tarts. That idea got stuck in my head and I daydreamed about hosting magical tea parties with dozens of delicious pies. There were only a few problems with the dream. I had only made a handful of pies in my entire life and I knew that pie making is notoriously tricky and we had no money to start a business with.  I started my research anyway and I ordered The Pie & Pastry Bible. It’s a massive cookbook with the first 72 pages devoted to crusts. I read the crust section, closed the book and set it on the shelf next to my dream. group shot

Fast forward to June of 2017. My employer in a genius move has  offered my husband my job, sending him home to tell me about it. (Try to imagine how well that conversation went. Go ahead. I’ll wait.) I resigned effective that day and back to the drawing board I went. My friends in the roofing business didn’t seem interested in hiring me for the work I wanted to do so it was time to come up with a new plan and the next thing you know I’m back to obsessing about pies.

This time I focused less on the thinking and more on the doing. I bought small pie tins from Amazon so I could practice. I jumped right in with coming up with my own recipe for crusts (that worked so well it’s still my recipe today and it’s a beautifully flaky and delicious, much like myself). I botched a LOT of meringue and I learned. That’s how PIENAMIC! was born and let me tell you, I LOVE making pies. I make my own crust and my own fillings. No pudding mix here. I use whole milk and heavy cream, fresh fruit (or frozen if I can’t find good ripe produce), real eggs, and white meat chicken for my chicken pot pies. The standard order is six 5″ pot pie sized “Cutie Pies.” The menu changes monthly (for now) and with my dessert pies, you can order six of one flavor or three & three for $2 more. We also sell a 10″ Deep Dish Quiche that is made with heavy whipping cream, fresh eggs, and herbs from our herb garden. In the future I will be offering holiday combos with three or more pie flavors to an order and new savory pie selections.

One of the main reasons I fell in love with the idea of pies is the way people talk about them. Eyes light up. Stories get told. Pie is one of those magical foods that take you to special time, place and feeling. Christmas. Thanksgiving. Your grandmother or great-grandmother’s house. Pie is comfort and love and who doesn’t want to serve up a little bit of that? The reason I created the Cutie pies is so that Pienamic! pies can be easily shared feeding family and friends and encouraging fellowship. (But if you want to eat all six of them yourself I won’t judge. It happens.)

Right now the pies are only available locally but I hope to work out shipping in the future. I’ve got my first event scheduled in November and I’m working on the logistics of selling at a local farmer’s market. I’m combining my makeup business with my pies in my first Eyes & Pies party next week!

I’ve also created a character, Amanda the Pienamic! Panda who I’d like to see delivering pies for birthdays and other events and I’ve designed cute custom carriers for the pies that will convey and birthday, anniversary, thank you, or “Pie-posal” message. To order, you can contact me here or like and share us on Facebook by searching @Pienamic.

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