Last week I had a friend hire me to make a crafty thing for her son’s birthday party. I was flattered to be asked and as is my norm I assured her that it would be noooooo problem for me to whip that right up for her. There was only one little detail I didn’t mention, I had no earthly idea how to do what she wanted. I mean I knew it could be done but the actual doing part had me scratching my head. I took a stab at it last Friday and I managed to make a start but what I figured out was pretty basic and what she wants is not. So then I learn that I can buy a design that will help me out a ton. Yea! And then I learn I have to pay for an upgrade to my software to use the design. Boo! So I bought the upgrade and I made one tiny piece of a 1000 piece project (I am exaggerating a smidge here) and I haven’t touched it in days. Every day, I have thought, Jennifer, you have to get going on the birthday thingie, and every day I have come up with other things to do and because I am so crafty at creating distractions (see what I did there?) I didn’t fully realize that I was procrastinating because I was afraid I couldn’t pull this off.

I do this all the time. I started a pie business in June because I prayed about what to do next and that’s what came to mind and that would be great if I had a ton of experience making pies but at that time, I hadn’t made one in years and I’d never made more than a few pies from scratch. So of course I’m ready to start a pie business! (I just did some calculating and I’ve made 300 cutie pies since we launched on June 1! Woohooo!) I’ve sweated buckets over these pies but I just keep going. I botched so much meringue it’s insane, but I just keep going. I read and I research and I fret every time I make something new but so far, I’ve figured it out and people have been very kind. I tear up almost every time I get a review because I am so relieved and I feel so blessed that I have found something that makes my heart happy. It’s a lot of work and I love it very much and the best part is that I have friends who are spreading the word, and ordering pies, and praying for me. I am sooooo blessed.

So back to the birthday thingie. This morning I got up and I made a deal with myself that I’d just work on it for an hour and see how went and y’all, it was just no big deal. I made some mistakes and I need to go buy some supplies I don’t have but whatever disaster I had manufactured in my brain has been postponed for another project. elepahant sandwich

There’s an old riddle that asks, “How do you eat an elephant sandwich?” and the answer is, “One bite at a time.” I’ve found that if I’ll just make a short term commitment to begin, I can overcome whatever fears I’ve manufactured. While I was typing this, I discovered a text requesting (get this) emergency pies with a Panda delivery. I’ve got to get baking! (And seriously, how cool is it that I’m an emergency pie dealer!?!)

Have a wonderful Wednesday people!


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