LIZARD1This morning I was watching a Youtube video about our two brains: the lizard brain and the adulting brain. My lizard brain is super busy and likes to hijack the day. It wants me to eat all the food and run from all the fear and frustration. My lizard brain operates from a place where discomfort is a threat to my well-being and it’s literally feast or famine at all times. LB is also unaware that there are no dinosaurs chasing me and that in no way shape or form am I starving. LB thinks I need Cheetos. All the Cheetos all day long. (I don’t have any Cheetos because LB would NEVER shut up if those were in the house!) LB tells me to go check the pantry anyway. And here’s the fun part: I do it. LB lives in a lot of panic and chaos and I must admit that when I listen to LB what it’s telling me sounds valid…only LB is reporting fake news.

My adulting brain wants me to be healthy and sane. My adulting brain knows I need to drink water, eat real food, I need to return phone calls, and work to make money, and keep my word, and not let the lizard brain send me into a tailspin every time I have a feeling. My adulting brain knows I can not do twenty-three things at once so I need to write things down and cross them off and come back to the list and the calendar to keep me on track. My adulting brain thinks it can talk sense to LB, only LB doesn’t respond to logic or facts. LB runs on negative feelings and the more frustrated I get with LB the more LB acts out.

So today I started trying to identify LB when it’s talking to me. When it discovered that there’s still no Cheetos in the pantry, LB told me we should FEAST on cashews. I ate breakfast instead. Then when LB told me we needed some cashews (a few minutes after breakfast), I drank a bottle of water. Then when LB told me I was starving to death (LB is kind of a drama queen) I actually agreed that I was hungry and nuked some soup. I put half the soup in a bowl and promised LB that if I was still hungry after I ate half the soup, I could come back to the kitchen to get more.

I know that food is not the only area of my life where LB reports fake news, but it’s where I’m starting. I’m kind of fascinated with the information. If you’d like to check out the video I watched, you can see it here.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, y’all!


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