heart eyesToday I wanted to share some stuff that’s made me happy! I love to share my discoveries with my friend so here’s some stuff I love this month:

  1. Poopouri  How has the creator of this stuff not won the Nobel Peace Prize? I gotta admit, I thought this was just a glorified air freshener but I was sooooo wrong! It’s a game changer for all you potty animals. All evidence of bathroom funk is eliminated by this magical spray. (3-5 sprays in the potty before you go and no one else will have to know.)
  2. Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler with bonus core slicer This is another product that I had low expectations for and I was so wrong! It looks like a kids toy but man can it peel an apple in no time flat! It comes with a apple corer too. The price on this moves up and down quite a bit so you might keep an eye on it on Amazon (I got it for about $12 some time last month) to get the best deal.  It’s fun to use and and you can peel a bag of apples in minutes! If you make pies, apple butter, or applesauce (so easy in the pressure cooker!) you need this gizmo.
  3. The Night Of (HBO) Big Daddy and I just finished watching the first season of this last night. I’m going to warn you, that this isn’t a “feel good” kinda show but I was so invested in the characters and the story. A good kid uses some bad judgement and a nightmare begins. John Turturro will break your heart and renew your faith in humanity and Riz Ahmed won and Emmy for this performance. You might not want to binge this one, but watch it. It’s good!
  4. Moodstruck Dip & Draw Liner I just got Patronized (maroon) liquid liner and I’m officially in LOVE with this product. Liquid liner that glides on like a dream and stays on all day and into the night. I wear this with Obsession Palette 2 or 3, and Epic One Step Mascara for a beautiful fall look.
  5. Corky’s Wedge I found these at a shoe store that’s going out of business and scored them for $8.11 but I’ll tell you they’re worth the retail price. These are so comfy and cute that I find myself wearing them more and more all the time!
  6. Julep Monthly Beauty Box I bought a couple of Julep nail polishes while on vacation this summer and I was in awe that it stayed on my natural nails for a week without chipping so I subscribed to the box just to get the 12 polishes but it turns out I’ve liked all the products that have come in the two boxes that I’ve received. The products are full sized so you’re getting more than your money’s worth!
  7. Sweet Kale Salad I discovered this salad at Cowboy Chicken (they call it the Kale Blazer) and I’ve eaten it at least once a week for months. It’s sooooo yummy. I’ve found these salad kits at Aldi, Sprouts, and Kroger so check them out. I’ve also tried several other flavors that I enjoy but this one is my fav!
  8. Silhouette I bought this to make some extra money making crafts and I’m just blown away by what it can do. You can make signs, stickers, t-shirts, paper crafts, and decals. The software is tricky to learn but is really impressive. I bought the Portrait but may upgrade in the future. I’ll be making LOTS of Christmas pressies with this so stay tuned!
  9. Scrabble I’ve had this app for a long time but lately I’ve been on a huge Scrabble kick! I play it on my Kindle Fire every night before bed. I can play against the computer or two people can “pass and play” like a traditional Scrabble game. You can set the difficulty level of your computer opponent as you become more skilled at playing.
  10. Pienamic! Okay, so I’m tooting my own horn here but I’ve gotta do it. We’re getting some GREAT reviews on our pies and quiches and for the next two days, you can get in on our Guess the Thanksgiving Flavors FREE Pie Sweepstakes! Guess all of our Thanksgiving flavors by figuring out ten clues and win an order of free pies for Thanksgiving and some Pienamic! swag. The winner will be announced on Thursday! Try some pies and spread the word. I make all my pies from scratch including the crusts. They’re fresh and flaky and perfect for sharing. Please take a minute to like and share the Pienamic! Facebook page so your friends and neighbors can find us! (I’m working on figuring out how to ship our Cutie Pies for Thanksgiving so share with friends and family!)

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