It’s time to announce my Thanksgiving flavors and start taking orders for the week of Thanksgiving. I’ll be taking orders from today through November 18th for pickup on Wednesday, November 22. Delivery will be available for an additional fee.

Our flavors are:

  • Granny Smith Cinnamon Apple This is a classic tart apple pie made with cinnamon and butter in our signature flaky double crust. Serve with butter pecan ice cream for the perfect flavor combo.
  • Sweet Cherry Sweet dark cherries with just a touch of almond will your taste buds sing. This is a double crust pie that tastes great alone or can be served with whipped cream or chocolate ice cream.
  • Mixed Berry Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries & strawberries sing four part harmony in this lovely little pie. I let the fruit take center stage and top it with a beautifully flaky crust made with real butter.
  • Pumpkin Our pumpkin pie is an instant classic with just a little something extra this pie pairs perfectly with a fresh brewed cup of coffee. This pie has warm spices with just enough sweet to finish your feast.
  • Pecan Praline Pie My trip to New Orleans this summer has me dreaming about “prah-lines” and so I decided to give my pecan pie some of that sweet and dreamy praline flavor. If you must have ice cream I’m thinking a scoop of coffee gelato would be an amazing partner to this pie.
  • Chess Whenever I ask people there favorite pie, Chess pie is always one of the first answers I get. This is a classic recipe with sugar, butter, eggs, vinegar and cornmeal. This will take you back to grandma’s dining room table and will fill you with Thanksgiving memories. 
  • Salted Butterscotch I just discovered this recipe recently and I am officially in love. This is the flavor I am serving to my family. It’s rich and sweet and the salted top brings it all together. Serve alone or warm it just a little and add a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. You’ll fall in love too!
  • Chocolate Meringue I mix semi-sweet and milk chocolate into my custard to achieve the perfect balance of rich & sweet and I toast the meringue waves to perfection. She’s a beauty and my chocolate lovers are going to find just what they’re looking for in this little pie. (If you just have to have whipped cream instead of meringue, I will skip the topping and send you the whipped cream mix with instructions and you can whip up some real cream just prior to serving.)
  • Coconut Meringue I make a rich vanilla custard as the base for my coconut pie and I make the meringue from egg whites and sugar. There’s no skimping on the coconut and just like the chocolate pie, if you’d prefer a whipped cream topping instead of meringue, just let me know and I’ll send you the sweetened cream and you can whip it just prior to serving.
  • Lemon Meringue Sweet & tart this pie is filled with real lemon curd that has both the juice and the zest from fresh lemons. Lemon pie tastes just like sunshine to me and you’re going to love sharing this pie with the people who warm your heart.

The pies are 5 inches in diameter and come six to an order. You can order one flavor for $30, two flavors for $32, or 3 flavors for $33.

To order pies, please fill out this form and I’ll add your order to my list!


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