Under Pressure: 5 KILLER Chicken Recipes

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Winner_winner_chicken_dinnerMy pressure cooker Jolene is pretty much my best friend in the kitchen (Sorry Big Daddy! You’re my best friend everywhere else), with my food processor coming in second (it takes up so much space in the dish washer!),  the Kitchenaid mixer coming in a solid third (it weighs a TON!), and my pie press and my apple peeler earning honorable mentions. Today I thought I’d share some yummy & healthy chicken recipes that I give two thumbs up.

Chicken Stock–One of the things I like best about the pressure cooker is my ability to create GREAT ingredients for quick cooking later on. When chicken quarters are on sale for less than $1 lb. I use those or thighs to make stock. I save the cooked chicken for soup and the stock is bagged in quart freezer bags and frozen. I add one freezer bag of stock, a couple of chopped, frozen, canned or leftover ingredients and I have homemade soup in no time flat! For more on my soup making methods, look here.

FAUXtisserie Chicken–I saw this recipe two years before I tried it because frankly, I didn’t think it could come anywhere close to Cowboy Chicken just down the road. I was wrong. I made it recently and Big Daddy and I were both in awe. I browned the skin both before and after the pressure cooking to give it a little crispy action but the show stopper was how juicy and tender the meat came out. Try it sooner rather than later!

Poached ChickenIf the internet was a book, mine would probably open naturally to this page. I’ve gone back to it over and over again. I use this to make chicken salad, chicken tacos, chicken soup, King Ranch Chicken, chicken burrito bowls…I’m starting to sound like Bubba Gump here so I’m guessing you get the idea. Poached chicken can be used in hundreds of ways so grab a family pack of boneless skinless breasts and whip up a batch!

Chicken Broccoli & Rice–This was one of the first dinners I made with Jolene. I haven’t made it in a minute because we’ve been off the carbs and cheese during the week, but it’s a great family friendly recipe!

Green Chicken Chili–You didn’t think you’d get out of here without a soup recipe did you? My mom is a green chicken chili freak and when the Black Eyed Pea went away she lost her dealer, until I started making it at home. You can adjust the heat with less seasoning and by omitting or reducing the jalapenos. This is perfect with cornbread or tortillas or maybe mix it up with a chicken chili frito pie!

Happy Halloween ya’ll!

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