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On June 1st of 2017, I started a little project to see if maybe just maybe I could bake pies that people would love enough to pay for. It was a cool dream but what makes it even better is that it didn’t show up in some reasonable way, it showed up like like God telling Noah to build an ark. I hadn’t really been a pie maker or even a pie eater before I started Pienamic! I mean I love me some coconut cream, but cakes, cookies and ice cream don’t hurt my feelings either. I’m an equal opportunity dessert eater. I talked to Big Daddy about pies and as we talked it through, we weren’t exactly feeling inspired. There’s a lot of labor, fresh fruit and nuts change prices from week to week and from season to season (it was all but impossible to find a good peach this year!) and the question lingered, about how often people would actually order pie. Then I read the Pie Bible and the thirty pages on crust alone terrified me so I put that dream away quick. Only it came back. It showed up when I was a little older and a little less afraid. It showed up when I was in this pretty neat, “what the heck” kind of place in my life and I put the Pie Bible away and I just started making pies.

I bought a box of mini pie tins off of Amazon and I grabbed the flour and butter and off I went. I made up a pie crust recipe and Big Daddy said, “Whatever you do, don’t change this.” I won some money on a slot machine and bought myself a pie press, and it was super cool only without realizing it, I only bought the part to make the bottom crust but I had a tortilla press so that became my “top maker.” We offered dessert pies, savory pies and deep dish quiches.  My friends bought pies, and they left reviews and I made more pies and I gotta tell you absolutely LOVE it. I love making crust. I love mushing it out. I love peeling apples. I love watching them bake. Now that I FINALLY figured out meringue (my apologies to my first customers who bought meringue pies, I just didn’t get it!) getting those big beautiful peaks brings me ridiculous joy. I LOVE being Pienamic!

It’s my first Thanksgiving baking pies, and I’ve set a goal of 20 orders. I set the goal high with the thought that this might be the most pies I could possibly make in my home kitchen without doing irreversible emotional damage (to my family). We’re getting close…I’m eight orders away from the goal, with some bonus orders this week! I’m not getting rich and this isn’t a full time job yet, but I’m on my way and I’ve found a passion for the work I get to do. I have some super amazing encouragers in my life right now and that means so much to me. Starting a business is a weird thing. There’s a LOT of self doubt. There are times with no orders when I question all of my decisions. I bought I tent so I could sell pies at the Farmer’s Market but haven’t had the time to get out there! I’ve put it out to the universe that one day I want to have a chalkboard painted Pie Wagon so I can take my show on the road and I’m waiting on the universe to let me know what it thinks. Amanda the Pienamic! Panda is available for deliveries. It’s happening, and I’m so very thankful and excited at where we are headed. I get to feed people delicious things that I made with love. I pray over those pies before they get to my customers, and I pray that I get to keep doing this because it brings joy and how can that possibly not be a good thing?

Have a terrific Tuesday, y’all!

P.S. If you live in the north Texas area and would like to order some pies, all the info is here:

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