Sparrow - 8x10Yesterday was my birthday and to tell the truth, I’ve had better. We’ve got a big work event lined up for Saturday that’s kind of eclipsing the sun as we play the role of the mice and blue birds stitching all the details together. As a result, I was in the car most of the day (which I don’t mind) or on the phone trying to figure out those strange things that seem to get changed around eight ways to Sunday when you’ve got five people in different places with different ideas trying to figure out what the other one wants.  Because of all the work hoopla, weekend plans are off the table which is okay since I’m not four and have practiced delayed gratification a couple of times. I mean I’m not good at it but I understand the concept. Big Daddy and I are planning a trip to celebrate our anniversary and birthdays because  we love mushing gift giving occasions together and turning them into a shared adventure. So the extent of my big celebration yesterday was reading Facebook posts–and lucky me, I have a throng of genuinely amazing people in my life.

I am one of those people who is a Facebook freak and who would not think long about unplugging for Lent. I post about pretty much everything because I think you want to know what I’m baking or making or thinking or feeling. The first day of school pictures are some of my favorites and I LOVE keeping in touch with friends I’ve made in Oklahoma, Florida, Ohio, California, New York, Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Tennessee, and other parts of Texas. If I forgot your state, just give me a shout out on my wall and I’ll fix the blog. 😉

Big Daddy did not disappoint with his annual squishy-gram. I got funny videos, and sweet memes, and precious photos with friends, and so many thoughtful messages. Right in the middle of it all, a long-time friend, posted, “Hard work and clean living, right?” and my eyes filled with tears and my heart grew four sizes.

When people used to ask what my dad had been up to, he’d always say, “Hard work and clean living!”  I must have borrowed that phrase because one of my long-time friends remembered and posted on my wall for my birthday. Here’s where it gets really cool: this was my first birthday without my dad and I while I don’t doubt that I used his line back in the day I hadn’t thought about “hard work and clean living” in a really really really long time. When I read that, I KNEW Dad was sending me a message, his birthday message, which was always, “We’re glad you came to live with us!”

I’m not sad, but there are lots of tears as I type this. Sharing stories was his thing, and now it’s my thing. He didn’t have any problem shedding a tear or two and I if you’ve known me more than a month chances are you’ve experienced my weepishness. I trust tears, they have a job to do, so crying isn’t a big event, but just a part of my spiritual hygiene. This morning for just a few minutes I wanted to share my “God deal”  and visit with my dad because I believe that death is not an end, but a change of address. Thanks for playing mailman Craig, it was a very special delivery.

Have a fabulous Friday, y’all!

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