6 Ways to Get Your Holly Jolly On!

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holly jollyI’m a  big fan of going on dates and the holidays are a perfect time to spend some time making spirits bright. While these are good for a partner or spouse, they work equally as well with friends:

  1. Go to the drive in! I discovered that the drive in is the perfect mix between binge watching at home and going to the theater. You’re not supposed to smuggle food in to any theater, including the drive in but what happens in the Hyundai stays in the Hyundai if you get my drift. (Groupon has a deal on tickets to the Coyote Drive In in Lewisville which is about 15 minutes from our house in Plano.)
  2. Get a holiday Starbucks drink and play a game. Okay, confession time–Big Daddy just doesn’t get hanging at Starbucks. He’ll drink the drink but he just can’t figure out sitting there doing nothing. My new plot is to bring Yatzee or my electronic Scrabble game and see if he’ll take the bait. If not, my friend Meggy will totally hang with me.
  3. Drive around and check out the holiday lights while listening to Christmas music. I know there are specific neighborhoods that have impressive lights but Big Daddy and I prefer to drive around our old neighborhood for our annual light tour. You can keep your perfectly synchronized uniform colors. Give me two strings of random lights and a half inflated snowman every time. The Kelleys have a complete blast making up awards for our favorite underachievers.
  4. Get a puzzle. Look, we love us some geriatric fun. We’re up for bingo, board games, and Norma’s Cafe. Jigsaw puzzles are great together time activities especially if you have a self-appointed supervisor who will chastise you for putting together the middle pieces before the frame is completed. (Seriously, what kind of animal just willy nilly starts with the middle of the puzzle?)
  5. Get goofy. I have a buddy in Waco who busts out his Santa fanny pack every year around the holidays. Big Daddy and I have red and green elf hats that keep reappearing no matter how much Big Daddy prays they won’t. Wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Be generous and kind. Watch Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph even though you’ve seen it 40 times. Tis the season to cash in your cool and just have fun.
  6. Be generous. Donate stuff. Give money. Do random acts of kindness. Invest TIME in your family and friends. Worry less & laugh more & remember the reason for the season. Connect with whatever spirit you believe in and reflect on all the people and experiences that have brought you joy this year. Take time to say I love you and more importantly, to show that love.

Make it a blessed holiday season, y’all!

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