Jennifer Huddleston-Kelley is a…seriously, have you ever tried to write one of these? It’s hard and it’s especially hard when you didn’t graduate from the University of Suchnsuch with a Bachelor’s Degree in Donchaknow. So what kind of accolades do you write to inspire confidence in your expertise when all that comes to mind is “I made the bed this morning,” and “my husband seems to like me.” I guess you write, ┬áJennifer Huddleston-Kelley is relatively happy. She has too many interests (obsessions) to list. She’s committed to losing weight and expanding her life and she wants to be a little better all the time. This blog and the adventures that spring from it, are part of a great experiment to see if she can live the rest of her life so fully that in the end she can just say, “That’s it.That’s all I’ve got.”