Pienamic! is my sweet little pie company. I started selling pies in June of 2017 with very little experience and a big fat dream. I make Cutie Pies which are 5″ pot pie sized pies with six pies to an order. The crust is homemade with real butter and the fillings do not come from a can or a box. The custards are made fresh for each order and the fruit pies are made with either fresh fruit when available or frozen fruit when the fresh produce doesn’t meet our standards. I make my own fillings and rotate flavors monthly to offer a variety of treats and to provide seasonal choices. I will make pies by request provided the ingredients are available. My cream pies are usually topped with meringue, but whipped cream can be substituted by request. I also make homemade pot pies and we sell a 10″ deep dish quiche made with fresh eggs, real cream, herbs, and cheese. To order, email me at jenhudkel@gmail.com or go to our FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/pienamic/


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